My lovable summer course in Lembang ! (Part 3)

Day 5 – 2011.09.23

The discussion over night continued this day in breakfast time at 08.00 pm. Our group make some discussion about the solution for that problem that we founded in the field based on experiment result. At 10.00 am, all participant has to prepared ourselves luggage and made some preparation to go to Bandung City. And we all arrived at Bandung at 12.00 am in Jl. Riau.

me and genichiro at riau street

We as Indonesian Team accompanied Japanese Team to buy several souvenir and cloth from Bandung. I accompany Tamiko and Genichiro bought some small souvenir and food from Indonesia and we went to lunch at Sangrai (the Indonesian traditional food place near the boutique).

at sangrai restaurant

At 03.00 pm, all participant moved to the bus and went to Saung Udjo to see Angklung orchestra event. In this place, so many international tourist and make me proud as Indonesian to the diversity of Indonesian culturalism. We had a chance playing some instrument with angklung together and saw the sundanese puppet (wayang golek) and Merak dance performance.

totally cute performances !

kang cepot

played this music instrument seriously :))

After that, we went to souvenir shop in saung udjo and got a dinner. At 06.30 pm, all participants moved to the bus and returned to bogor.  We arrived in Bogor at 11.00 pm at Landhuis Guest House and all participants went back to home to taked a rest and recharged energy for final presentation.


Day 6 – 2011.09.24

At 07.30 am, we came to landhuis guest house to prepare our presentation. Our group fix the slide of final presentation and then, at 09.00 am, group presentation was held which began with B,C, and D Group. This group present about the condition and the result in Mr Isak’s farm and IVEGRI Field and continued with discussion between groups. After that, the A, E, and F groups had presented the result. We had some good discussion between us and made some information sharing that we had been taken in the field. Each group had different data and we compare it and crosschecked with the fact in the field combine with the picture that we taken. Beside that, we discuss about the proper solution based on agricultural and economical condition and also based on energy used to make it happen. The discussion fulfilled of many spirit from each participant. But, the discussion must be ended at 01.00 pm with lunch break and continued with closing remarks at Landhuis Guest House.

In that closing programs, all participant received certificate from committee and all delegation of participant made some last speech about this programs. After that, the committee announced some students that awarded as a best presenter and best group. What a shocking day! Our group had announced as a best group in this summer course program. As a leader groups, Atsushi Yagioka receive the gift from committee and share it with the groups. We were so proud of our struggle and togetherness to present our result and it was unforgettable moment to be awarded as the best group.

our group’s winning moment

Afterthat, the best presenter had also announced two women from B groups. They are Isobe Yukari from Ibaraki University and Viera Theodora from Bogor Agricultural University. At 17.30, i and several from Indonesian team accompanied Japanese team to buy a souvenir and got dinner at botani square. In that place, I accompanied Masahiro, Kondo and Masaru with Lia bought some dry fruit and introduced some tropical fruit on the Indonesian supermarket.

at fruit store

After that, we go to dinner and chat about their impression in Indonesia and sharing about research.  At 18.30, the Japanese team left the Bogor and went to International Soekarno-Hatta Airport with a bus and we hope that they will come back in Indonesia in the future and also we hope can make a tight relationship between us. Itterashai!

Souvenir that i’ve got from them !

(Annisa Paramita)


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